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John Gavin


About John Gavin

John Gavin is a man of many skills, most notably in the art of sales and negotiation tactics. He has succeeded in the software and hardware sales industry for decades because of his natural abilities in navigating this competitive and complex landscape.

John attended the University of New Hampshire, where he earned his B.A. in English and American History. John was heavily involved in many societies and school activities throughout his time on campuses, such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. John is also very interested in health and wellness, and sports have always played a role in his life. He was a member of the Men’s Lacrosse Team and played in the 1986 NCAA National Men’s Lacrosse Tournament Quarter-Finals in college. In addition, John played for Orleans during the Cape Cod Summer Lacrosse League (CCL).

In addition to spending every moment of his free time with his family, John Gavin loves to plan trips around the world. To him, there is nothing more fascinating than learning about other cultures in a new destination and immersing himself among the people and the food. A self-professed amateur photographer, John does a beautiful job capturing the memories his family will be enjoying for years.

John Gavin has a lengthy, impressive resume. He held the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Southland MicroSystems, Inc. for 11 years. During this time, in addition to honing his senior management abilities, John gained valuable industry experience and mentored upcoming employees and executives, getting a foothold in the field of networking and computer hardware and software sales.

John Gavin has always been known as someone with a strong sense of community and a strong desire to serve others, particularly youngsters. Even after college, John Gavin has continued his support of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. He understands how critical it is to provide a positive example for youngsters in order to inspire them to attain their full potential. In keeping with this theme, John Gavin volunteers as a lacrosse coach with the Shooting Stars, Victory Lacrosse, and the Laguna Beach Little League. In addition to his community involvement, John is an enthusiastic donor to organizations such as Goodwill, the Red Cross, and World Vision. Living in Laguna Beach, John naturally loves the outdoors, and he is drawn to beach sports such as surfing, diving, and upright paddle boarding.

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