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When it comes time for families to plan a vacation, they often begin researching destinations and deals within their country before considering options abroad. Oftentimes, families believe it will be cheaper to travel within their own country, but even better deals can often be found abroad. In fact, there are a great number of European destinations that make for great vacations for families.

London, England

Believe it or not, London, England, can have some impressive travel deals. If you’ve never been to Europe and only know English, you might find comfort in traveling to an English-speaking destination. Even though London is somewhat notorious for its rainy days, your family will find that there is much entertainment for each member. You can give your kids a taste of the royal life by showing them Buckingham Palace. Your children might also enjoy watching a musical, going for some afternoon tea, and checking out some Harry Potter attractions. London has much to offer for families visiting, and you’ll be sure to embrace everything it has to offer.

Barcelona, Spain

Visiting Barcelona with kids can actually be a much more family-friendly experience than some may think. The city offers plenty of family-friendly activities, including a beach scene and an amusement park. You can also educate your children on the city’s history and abounding art scene by taking them to see Sagrada Familia and Parque Güell. Barcelona is also a great place to introduce your children to a new language, one that they may be already learning in school, and to cultural foods. Your children will likely enjoy sampling various tapas at restaurants throughout the city.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy, is a picturesque city filled with immense history. If you’re feeling uneasy about traveling abroad, the friendly locals and delicious Italian food will help calm your nerves and make you feel a bit more at home. Your family will likely enjoy visiting historic landmarks like The Colosseum, eating gelato on every corner, making authentic Italian pizza and walking through the streets filled with accordion and violin players. There are many fun and educational tours for families that will leave your children returning to school with a newfound love of history and culture.

Once you travel to Europe, you will likely want to return to visit even more cities. No matter how many times you visit Europe, there will always be new things to see and entertaining ways to experience the local culture.