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Traveling can be difficult, stressful, and full of anxiety without knowing what to do or where to go! With so many apps designed to make travel easy, it’s never been easier for travelers as it is now.

1. GyPSy Guide

At zero cost or a fee of $9.99 per city, one can have all of their options laid out. From where to stay to entertainment, and even things to do with the children! Whether one is on a budget or not, this app will help choose what’s right.

2. TripIt

This app is not only functional and easy to use but also a huge help in giving one peace of mind while making a trip. Applying this app can save one from missing flights, delays, and even losing luggage at zero fees or $49.0 for a yearly pro plan.

3. PackPoint

This app helps in knowing what is necessary for the trip and packing according to what will be needed. This app also has a lot of information on where to go and what to do in each city. Its cost is manageable at only $2.99 despite having different helpful travel insights.

4. FlightAware

Being a free app, it helps in tracking one’s flight. While it does not give the various details of the flight, it does provide one with updates about their flights and delays at zero cost. The app can also conveniently pick up friends when they arrive at the airport.

5. Netflix

While traveling, one is often on a tight schedule, so one might not have time to watch their entertainment choices. Netflix allows one to watch whatever they want and doesn’t require internet access when shows are downloaded at zero cost.

6. Google Translate

While some may already know how to speak other languages, it is often impossible to understand what’s being said to them or what they need when traveling. Google translate is a free app that helps translate any language; while it may not be perfect, it will give one a better understanding of what’s happening at zero cost.

7. Smart Traveler

This app is a free app that helps in safety and having information on what countries are safe and dangerous and even has suggestions for what to do for the U.S. Citizen travelers. It connects U.S. travelers with the U.S. embassy in those countries they intend to visit.